Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) Instruction

From Sanskrit, the word “Svastika” is translated as “prosperous” or “prosperous”. Therefore, Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) is a pose of prosperity and well-being. This is one of the most common postures for meditation.Vedic knowledge is that its effect is similar to the effect of such postures as Padmasana and Siddhasana.

Vedic knowledge affirms that it is especially useful to people who do not yet have a chance to sit in padmasana or at least siddhasana. In fact, we can say that with the mastery of the Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose), the mastering of these meditative postures begins.

Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose)is so-named due to the fact the go-legged role resembles a swastika, which in India is a symbol of right fortune, happiness, and auspiciousness. This pose represents the corners of the universe meeting at a commonplace center of awareness.

How To Do Svastikasana Yoga Pose Step By Step Instruction:

At the initial stages of the development of the Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose), it is best to do this by sitting on a folded four-wool blanket or a dense cushion 10 cm thick.

1. Sit on the rug and stretch your legs forward to Dandasana (Staff Pose).

2. Bend the left leg, unfolding the thigh at the same time, and position it so that the foot is next to the right thigh, and the heel rest on the crotch.

3. Bend the right leg in a similar way and push it into the space between the shin and the thigh of the left leg.

4. Make sure that your knees are on the floor, and the left heel is exactly under the right heel.

5. Straighten the spine and put your hands on your knees in jnana mudra (‘Jnana’ means Knowledge or Wisdom and ‘Mudra’ Means Sign or Gesture). Large and medium fingers connected, palms facing upward.

6. Relax your shoulders, facial and eye muscles. Remain in asana as long as possible.

7. It is important to keep the spine straight. This is necessary so that energy can freely flow from below up the spine, cleaning(thinking) and thus opening the chakras and energy channels in its path

8. The right leg should be on top of both men and women.

9. Hold your hands as in a lotus pose.

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Benefits of the Svastikasana Yoga Pose:

Despite the simplicity of this asana, thanks to the special stimulation of energy channels, prana is sent in a special way, which is favorable for meditation.

• Energy channels of the legs stimulated and cleaned by pressing on special points. They can detect by pressing the acupuncture meridians area, the most sensitive and tender point and will be an important energy center.

• The sciatic nerve massaged, thereby favoring the lumbar region and abdominal muscles.

• Swastikasana initiates the energies of fruitfulness, goodness, and creativity.

Svastikasana Yoga Pose Enables to Remove Pressure:

Research has proven that training of svastikasana on an ordinary foundation isn’t simplest right for our stomach.But additionally, it helps to calm the thoughts and launch the strain.

Sitting in this posture can placed stress on leg muscle groups and improve the flexibility and hold our leg muscle mass comfortable. Practicing this pose with slow respiration can reduce the stress and growth the blood waft to the whole frame. So it’s miles rather endorsed to who are suffering from strain, they must exercise this yoga on a regular basis.

Svastikasana Yoga Pose Increases the Focus of Thoughts and Awareness:

The everyday exercise of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose)allows to enhance the focal point of thoughts and attention due to the fact at the same time as doing svastikasana.

It’s going to assist to sell the blood glide to the brain and volumes is more. Due to boom in blood drift to the brain, it receives more oxygen and vital nutrients.So as a result, your mind gets extra focused and feature properly. So this pose is extraordinarily encouraged to the scholar.

If they practice Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) on an everyday basis, it can enhance their concentration in the direction of studies and they will consciousness greater in the direction of their carrier.

Svastikasana Strengthens Hip, Knee, and Thigh Muscle Groups:

Distinct studies established that regular practice of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) can stretch your hip, knee, and thigh muscle tissues that positioned greater pressure in this muscle.

So that blood float will grow in this region and muscle mass will get an extra amount of oxygen and nutrition. Which enables them to bolster and ordinary exercise of this pose can also assist to prevent harm in hip, knee and thigh muscles at some stage in the workout and other works.

Svastikasana Decorates Sexual Fitness:

Working towards of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) on an everyday basis can enhance sexual performance because at the same time as doing this yoga pose it stretches our sexual organ. Which facilitates the manufacturing of pressure hormones in that place that helps to stimulate our sexual organ. It also improves the blood drift to the sexual organ will help to increase the characteristic of sexual performance.

Svastikasana Improves Digestive Health:

Exceptional research validated that everyday exercise of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) can enhance our digestive health. It additionally allows preventing numerous forms of digestion associated troubles.

Which includes constipation due to the fact a normal exercise of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) put some extra strain on the stomach and internal intestine organ. Because of this, our body creates strain hormone.

Which facilitates to promote the characteristics of the digestive gadget that enhances the proper bowel movement and additionally enables to promote the manufacturing of digestive juice and enzyme that facilitates in digesting of food and allows to prevent the waste from our frame.

Svastikasana Allows to Reduce Returned Ache:

An ordinary exercise of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose) can very useful for folks that are stricken by any perennial returned ache. Because even as practicing this pose it creates plenty of strain on the backbone additionally stretch the spine, that helps to improve the power of our spine that facilitates to save your back pain.

Svastikasana Reduces Decrease Frame Fat:

The everyday exercise of Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose)may be very useful for reducing the lower frame fats, because at the same time as doing this svastikasana. It creates lots of stress at the decrease body part, due to this our lower body muscles get the tone and allows for reducing the fat in this area.If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners


• Injuries to knees and ankles.

• The acute stage of bronchial asthma

• Diseases in the sacrum, such as lumbosacral sciatica.

• A migraine and heart pain.

• Knees should lie on the floor. The back and neck should be on the same line. It is necessary to try to relax while remaining with a straight back.

• If it is difficult for you to perform this exercise, try to perform the asana on the folded quilt or take a pose, placing the heels not in the perineum, but in the pubic bone.

• Before performing poses, knees should stretch, if pain appears in the knees, the pose must stop.

• Improve the performance of the Svastikasana until the moment when you cease to feel the tension along the spine. Then proceed to the performance of Siddhasana and Padmasana.

Possible Errors and Recommendations:

During the stay in the Svastikasana yoga pose (Twisted pose), a painful strain of the back muscles felt.Therefore it is impossible to keep the back straight. In this case, do not force yourself, or sit in a pose hunched – it can cause harm.

Practice poses for some time to work out and strengthen the muscles of the back, under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor of course.

If the knees do not touch the floor in the swastika, it does not recommend to stay in the pose for a long time. Try practicing by sitting on a small pillow or folded several times with a blanket so that your knees lie steady on the floor. Regularly make complexes for opening the pelvis and increasing flexibility.

• Practice the swastika until you no longer feel the “tension” of the spine. After this, begin to master padmasana and siddhasana.If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Tips For Newbies

Try to perform asana on a folded quilt or take a pose, placing the heels not in the crotch, but in the pubic bone.

Tips For Advanced

Improve the performance of the Svastikasana yoga pose until the moment when you cease to feel the “tension” along the spine. Then proceed to the performance of Siddhasana and Padmasana.

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