8 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

8 yoga poses 4wieght loss
8 yoga poses 4wieght loss

In his desire to reduce body weight and bring it back to normal, you should pay attention to Indian yoga. There are many varieties of yoga, from which 8 yoga poses for weight loss describe below.

But in the Western world, the greatest popularity is enjoyed by hatha yoga, exercises for the physical body. Hatha yoga for weight loss brings a pretty quick result. Yoga for weight loss will be effective with regular training.


Among the followers of yoga, there are no people who are overweight, and everyone can include these exercises in their daily workout. Exercises of hatha yoga are called asanas or yoga poses in English.

For their implementation, no special equipment is required, so you can train at home. You can read books or watch a video lesson. And you can take lessons from the instructor.

Yoga for weight loss is used quite often and effectively. There are many asanas that are specifically performed for obesity.

About them will be told a little bit lower. In the meantime, we should consider what a person, a beginner, who simply has extra weight can do at home.

The best asanas for weight loss work together with changing diet. These are commonplace recommendations, which everyone knows about, but they do not.

  • Do not overeat
  • to abandon food spiced up
  • not to eat flour

Also, yoga recommends giving up tea and, if possible, switching to vegetarianism. It is an integrated approach that will bring a quick and desirable result.

So, where do you start a beginner who has never performed yoga exercises? The housing complex of asanas can be performed early in the morning, or late in the evening, after taking a shower.

Clothes should be free. Do preferably barefoot. Breathing is recommended through the nose. The room should be ventilated. It is necessary to train not earlier, than in 3 hours after a dense meal.

The simplest asanas are performed standing. And although they are considered the simplest exercises for beginners, their proper performance leads to the disappearance of fat on the abdomen, sides and pelvic region.

Fat from the hands and feet is also effectively removed. Doing them, you will, first of all, make sure whether the yoga helps to lose weight.

Yogaposes for Weight Loss:

Below is a simple complex for beginners, performed at home.


You need to start as follows:


stand up straight. Hands are lowered along the trunk. Knees and feet together. Look straight ahead. The body must be straightened.

Only this position of the body makes the stomach tighten. Stand there for a few seconds. From this position of the body in hatha yoga all asanas, performed standing, begin.



From the position of Tadasana to bring his hands in front of the chest, folding his hands in the “namaste” (Indian sign of greeting).

Then stretch your arms over your head. The whole body pulls up, after the hands. Standing for a few seconds.

Then lower your arms and bend one leg, placing the foot of one leg on the other’s knee. The bent leg should be strictly perpendicular to the one that stands on the floor. The knee should not be directed either forward or backward. Hands again stretch over your head. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

If it is difficult for beginners to stand on one leg, only the initial stage of this exercise can be performed.


Stand up straight. Straighten the body, look straight ahead. Jump with legs and arms apart. Legs should be placed wider than shoulders.


Stop the right foot to the right so that it is perpendicular to foot of the left foot. After that, turn the left foot slightly to the right.

Slowly bend to the right, trying to touch the right hand of the right foot. Ideally, the right hand should lie on the floor. The left-hand goes up and is aligned with the right. Head up and look at the fingers of your left hand. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Then repeat in another direction.

When doing Trikonasana, you should not bend your knees, trying to bend down as low as possible. Everything will come with time. This asana removes fat deposits from the sides and makes the legs slim.


Get up in Tadasana and spread out the legs and arms, as in the previous exercise. Bend to the right, bending the right leg in the knee.


The knee should touch the armpit. The left-hand goes forward, along with the tilt, and presses against the ear. The right palm should lie on the floor. Intensively pull the entire body toward the slope. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Return to the starting position and repeat the slope to the other side. Due to intensive stretching, with this asana, fat is removed from the sides. Also, fat deposits are removed from the pelvic area.


Get up in Tadasana. Hands stretch over your head, combining your hands. Jump with legs spread wider than shoulders. Turn the right foot so that it is perpendicular to the left foot.


Then slightly turn the left foot to the right. Open the body to the right, holding your hands above your head, bend your right leg in the knee. Raise your head and look at your palms. Hold in this position. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

This asana well removes fat from the pelvic area. Performing these yoga exercises for weight loss, breathing should be correlated with the position of the body.

That is when tilting to do an exhalation, and when straightening – inhale. Do not hold your breath. When fixing the position of the body, breathe calmly.

This complex is not used in classical yoga as asanas for weight loss. Losing weight is a side effect of their performance.

The complex has other positive effects. It is designed for beginners, the implementation is not difficult. But there is also a complex, which is especially recommended for obesity. It is also simple for beginners and is performed at home.


It is done sitting. Lie on the floor, on a rug or carpet. Then sit down. Legs are extended forward. With an exhalation bend over to the feet, trying to reach them with the palms of their hands.


Do not bend your knees. Hold in the final position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise several times. Then lie down on the floor and relax.

Janu shirshasana:

Janu Shirshasana

It is also sitting. You need to sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Then bend one leg so that the foot is located on the floor near the perineum. With an exhalation, bend over to the elongated leg, trying to touch the palms of the foot.

Do not bend the leg in the knee. Hold in the final position. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise to the other leg.


This exercise is known to everyone from school physical education lessons. This is the name of the exercise known as “Birch”.


Lie on the floor. With an exhalation, raise the straight legs so that they are at right angles to the body. Continue the climb, helping yourself with your hands, placing them on the waist. Ideally, the body should be standing on the shoulder blades.

The chin rests against the chest. Hold in the final position for 1 minute. Breathe quietly. With an exhalation, lower your legs. This exercise, which has a beneficial effect on all body systems. Including and helps to get rid of excess weight.

All asanas are performed in the complex:

If we talk about how to use yoga to lose weight belly, you need to mention an exercise that is called nauli. In simple words, this is an intense retraction of the abdomen.

To do this, you need to stand to lean forward, hands on your knees. Make a deep exhalation and draw in the belly as deeply as possible. Then, taking a breath, relax and with an exhalation, again draw in. Exercise is performed until fatigue.

Here is only a small part of how yoga for weight loss can normalize your weight. Regular training will quickly bring the body back to normal. Not only lose weight but also significantly strengthen your health.


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