Animal Yoga Poses For Kids

animal yoga poses for kids (2)
animal yoga poses for kids (2)

If your main goal – to attract the child and instill in his love and interest in sports, try to turn Animal Yoga Poses For Kids into an exciting game.

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For example, you can arrange something like yoga in the style of “The sea worries once” – this is when you turn on the music, say the coveted “The sea worries again …”, but replace the phrase “The sea figure of the castle” with “Figurine in the pose of the tree ” and so on and so forth.

If you include fantasy, you can remake almost any moving game or come up with a new one. So, children’s yoga for beginners.

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Animal Yoga Poses For Kids For different ages


Yoga for small children is also very useful. It is also called baby yoga. It promotes rapid development and includes:

  • Massage – light touch and stroking.
  • Crossing, flexing, and unbending knobs and legs, which develops motor skills and emotionality.
  • Help the children in the performance of the simplest asanas, such as “dog muzzle down, cobra, cat.”
  • Performing poses involving the child, hugs, kisses, joint games.
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Children at this age are already beginning to walk and talk. But for the present, they can not understand verbal instructions. The class for this age group should be based on visual perception! The class lasts 30-45 minutes.

What games and accessories can I use in class:

  • Plush animal toys. First tell the child about the beast, what is his name, where he lives, as he says, and then follow the pose of this animal together.
  • Finger toys that can also tell their stories, ask for an exercise, and much more. Use your imagination.
  • Masks of animals and fairy-tale heroes.
  • Books with pictures about animals or objects of nature, corresponding to the age of children. Tell them the story and perform the animal poses.
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  • Cards with pictures of yoga postures.
  • Stickers. Call the body parts and ask the children to paste stickers.
  • Songs and music. Inventor finds songs that match the poses, sing instead of talking, singing along with the child.
  • Use sounds during the class, as the animals say, how the machine sounds, the train, the bike, the sea, the wind and so on.
  • Use fewer poses, but repeat them more times. Children of this age learn, repeating many times, they do not get
    bored of old tales and games.
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The class lasts 45-60 minutes. For children of this age, it is necessary to establish the rules in the lesson.

Their attention is constantly elusive, so use a lot of accessories, games, stories, songs, change activities. Children grasp everything on the fly, give them more information and explanations.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Give the children clean and clear instructions, show their poses on themselves so that they repeat. Do not correct or tell them what they did wrong, better correct the implementation yourself. The goal of yoga is not the pursuit of perfection, but the knowledge of oneself and one’s body.

What to consider when conducting a class:

  • Children very quickly switch their attention from one to another, they are bored to perform the same tasks, change activities, poses and games quickly.
  • Children at this age are very energetic. Use their energy, spend more active games.
  • Develop their imagination, make riddles, ask to come up with or continue the stories, go to yoga trips, in which you can acquaint them with the geography, the animal world, the peculiarities of the region, along the way of posing animals, dancing national dances, etc.
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  • Do a variety of asanas, invent them yourself, you can already add poses to the balance.
  • Use costumes, masks to make the class more fun.
  • Continue to use music, songs, sounds.


The class lasts 45-90 minutes. Children of this age are interested in more complex games and asanas, they can hold postures longer than before.

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It is recommended to talk more about yoga, its health benefits, the benefits of different asanas. Pay attention to how to properly enter and exit the asanas, with each class, try to perform with them poses more correctly and deeper.

Recommendations for the class:

  • Children are ready to perform any asanas.
  • Start using more verbal instructions.
  • At this age, you can begin performing breathing exercises and give instructions on how to breathe properly while performing asanas.
  • Use the steam yoga. It helps children develop trust and openness to people, learn to interact with a partner, more deeply perform exercises.
  • At this time, toys, books, and stickers are no longer working. You can use the theme of cinema and theater or go on a yoga trip. Games are relevant, but they must be designed for children’s age.
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The class lasts 60-90 minutes. For children of this age, it is not enough that the class was interesting and cheerful, it is important for them that the class be “cool”.

To make it like this:

  • Use complex asanas.
  • Use pair yoga with elements of acrobatics.
  • More dance with them, try adding ballroom, Latin, Indian dances, break dance, folk dances.
  • The music should also be “classy”, ask the children that they listen to what they like, and use it in the lesson.
  • Actively use meditation, teach them the techniques of massage, relaxation.
  • Play a movie or a theater.
  • Continue to work with breathing techniques.
  • Let the children have more freedom in the class, let them make their own decisions, whatever they want to do today.
If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners


If you have children of different age groups, you can still do everything together. Use games and activities that are fascinating for everyone. For small ones, use simpler poses, and for older ones, more complicated ones. Ask the older child to be his assistant.

Such activities will promote family unity, teach children of different ages to interact, and help them better understand each other.


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