Ardha Matsyendrasana 2 Benefits


Ardha Matsyendrasana 2 benefits, allows to strengthen the neck muscles, adds mobility to the shoulder joints.

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Practicing this position, twisting the vertebrae, thereby getting rid of back pain, reduces and simultaneously massages the abdominal organs, toning up their work.

Pose has a beneficial effect on the bladder and the prostate gland.

“Hatha Yoga Pradipika” mentions Matsiendra as one of the founders of Hatha Vidya. One of the legends says that one day Shiva explained to his wife Parvati the secrets of yoga while on a desert island.

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One fish, who was near the shore, listened to everything that Shiva was saying, very carefully, without moving.

Shiva noticed that the fish had learned yoga, and sprinkled it with water; she at once assumed the divine form and became the sage Matsyendra (the God of the fishes), who subsequently propagated yoga. Beautiful legend.

The asana itself will also appeal to you.


– Initial position. Sitting on a firm, level surface, stretch your legs forward.

– Bending the knee of the right leg, put her foot against the bottom of the thigh of the left leg.

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– On the exhalation, turn the shoulders to the right, turn the left hand behind the right knee and hold it with the left leg in the ankle or shin area, depending on the person’s preparation, just as you can just hold your hand as in the photo.

– Right-hand starts behind, creating an easy emphasis and gently helping the hand to strengthen the turn to the right.

– Having fixed on a surface a straight line, the left leg, pull a foot on itself.

– Turn your head as far as you can to the right, looking over your shoulder.

– We hold in this position up to 4-6 breaths (weekly you can add one breath if inner sensation allows).

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– Return to the starting position.

– Repeat the asana “mirror”, for the same breathing cycle.

– Return to the starting position, relax.

It is important if any pain or discomfort occurs, then immediately it is necessary to get out of the asana.
The spine stretches from the coccyx to the crown while performing the asana.


When Ardha Matsiendrasany 2, it ensures that the spine is twisted around the axis, which makes a person practically devoid of movement during the day.

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While in this position, the tissue that connects the vertebral discs starts moving, twisting and bending. Depending on the quality and duration of asanas, blood supply improves. Properly performing asana, a person receives significant benefits for the whole body:


– vertebral muscles;

– spine and bone system;

– muscles of the pelvis and buttocks.

– flexibility and mobility of the spine and joints;

– the pressure of the abdominal cavity.

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  • Reduces the volume of the abdomen
  • The beneficial effect on the organs of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis
  • Eliminates the consequences of malnutrition and sates with positive energy
  • It brings up strength of spirit, determination, and character
In addition, this asana prepares the practitioner for the more complex Paripurne Matsiendrasana.

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The pose cannot practice in the presence of an intervertebral hernia, acute intestinal disorders, a trauma of the lumbar spine, pregnancy or menstruation.


With increasing body rotation, exhale, before fixing, the extremely possible position.

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While in asana, breathe calmly, breathing in your belly, producing up to 10 cycles of breathing. Concentration in this asana on the spine, this helps correct performance and gives an additional stimulus to the body.

Brief conclusions

Practicing the described posture, a person gets rid of fatigue, apathy, lethargy, and drowsiness, the body is saturated with adrenaline and allows you to keep vivacity for a long time.

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In this asana, the abdominal area, on the one hand, is compressed, and on the other – is stretched, which stimulates the work of the abdominal organs.

Due to the lateral twisting of the spine, lumbago rapidly disappears, as well as back and hip joint pain. Muscles of the neck are strengthened, and the shoulder joints become more mobile.

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Regular practice of this asana prevents the enlargement of the prostate and bladder.

She also prepares to master Paripurna Matsiendrasana, in which the spine is twisted as deeply as possible.


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