Baddha Konasana Yoga Pose ( Butterfly Pose)

baddha konasana yoga pose
baddha konasana yoga pose

Baddha Konasana yoga pose means “bound corner” where Baddha is “bound” or “limited”, and Kona is a “corner”. The same asana is also known as the Butterfly posture, the extended legs kneeling aside like butterfly wings.

How to do Baddha Konasana Yoga pose:

To know how to properly do Baddha Konasana yoga pose, you need to consider all the nuances and subtleties. Before you do Baddha Konasana should be prepared – completely relax and let the muscles stretch out as far as possible.

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For greater effectiveness of the “butterfly posture”, you can first try out the technique of post-isometric relaxation (soft muscle traction), which will help relax the joints and increase the possibility of problem-free performance of asanas.

The preparation itself is followed by the asana itself: – It is necessary to sit in the Staff posture or Dandasana, bend the legs in the knees and connect the feet with each other in front of you. – Putting your hands together.

The heels should lie exactly on the floor, and the feet should be brought closer to the groin, as close as possible.

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Main points

Gently lowering the hips and knees, you need to slowly pull your knees to the floor.

– Grasp the feet with your hands and straighten your back. Feel the muscles stretch. Slowly lower your body forward, touching the floor first with your forehead, and then with your chin. Forget about this in about a minute.

Breathe exactly.

– To finish: release the feet and straighten your legs, try to relax.

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Baddha Konasanadage for a man whose legs and back are not stretched can seem like something complicated, so to make it easier – you can put rolled up towels under each knee.

In order to firstly embrace the feet do not necessarily torture yourself, enough to grab your ankles or use a belt. You can also lean against the wall if you sit directly hard.

For greater effect, you can pull the feet up and stretch the back from the coccyx to the crown so that it is palpable. Deepening can be traumatic, so count your strength correctly.

It is also recommended for beginners to make a dynamic version of asana: smoothly swing your legs, lifting and lowering your knees. This dynamic version is also called: “The woman waving her wings”, it also helps to prepare, stretch the muscles of the legs.

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The posture of the associated angle has a number of positive properties for those who suffer from bladder diseases or back pain. “Bound angle” has a preventive effect on the appearance of hernias and sciatica.

Butterfly posture is favorable for pregnant women and women who have problems with menstruation. Asana stretches the inner muscles of the groin and relieves fatigue in her legs.

For men, asana is useful because it prevents the appearance of prostate gland diseases and prevents a hernia.

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During the asanas, muscles of the hip joints, muscles of the lumbar region, as well as muscles of the legs (ankles and knees) are actively involved.

Contra-Indication Baddha Konasana Posture:

Asana has some contraindications for people who have had or have problems with the knees, as well as for those who have had groin injuries.

In this case, when performing the Baddha Konasana under the thighs should be put in any support. All this is preferably done under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

You can do it immediately after eating, but do not tilt the body forward, but sit straight.

Breathing and Concentration in poses:

Doing asana, breath smoothly, breathe with lower breathing – abdominal (also called diaphragmatic breathing).

If this becomes difficult – stop doing it and catch your breath.

The incline in the Baddha Konasana yoga pose is made on a long exhalation, and the ascent is performed on inhalation (as if by airlift the body from the feet).

Concentration in asana – on the pelvic muscles and hips.

Imagine how with each breath and exhalation – these muscles breathe, come to life, filled with strength, gentleness, health. After performing asanas, the concentration goes to the whole body.

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The exit from the asana is smooth, after the asana you can go to the pose of relaxationShavasana and stay in it for 5-10 minutes.


Baddha Konasana yoga pose, with the right performance, has a beneficial effect not only on physical health but also helps to concentrate.

Regular execution of asanas prevents the formation of many diseases in the region of the hip joints and legs.


Pay special attention to the position of the spine. Fix the back in an elongated state, while avoiding the deflection in the lower back. Coccyx forward, deflection in the dorsal spine.

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The feet are tightly pressed against each other. To stabilize the base of the asana, perform the mula bandha castle. Lock your eyes directly in front of you or on the tip of your nose.

When doing an inclination forward, make sure that both pelvic bones are pressed to the support, in the same way, keep the deflection in the dorsal part of the spine and try to lie on the support not with the head but with the stomach and chest.

Key from the expert:

Having adopted a comfortable position in the asana, with a inspiration tense the gluteal muscles, pull the muscles of the anus up, stretch the back vertically from the coccyx to the crown, open the thorax.

This will lead to an even greater opening of the internal muscles of the thigh. And then relax with an exhalation. Perform the asana by changing the position of the feet relative to the pelvis.

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This will bring into operation different groups of leading muscles. To avoid excessive stress on the knees, pay special attention to the turn in the hip joints.

Least back of the feet on the floor, which will help stabilize the ligaments of the knee joint.

Preparatory asanas:

Eka pada Jana



Asana improves the mobility of knee and hip joints. It is very effective in diseases of the urinary tract, it has a beneficial effect on kidney health, tones the prostate gland, strengthens the uterus and bladder, and stimulates the abdominal cavity.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

The pose relieves pain from sciatica and prevents a hernia. It is useful for pregnant women, it also normalizes the menstrual cycle, as it increases flexibility in the groin and internal muscles of the thighs.

Relieves fatigue after a long load. Promotes uniform weight loss, relieves fatigue and headache, prevents varicose veins.


Relieves nervous tension, anxiety, stress. Promotes an exacerbation of perception.

Simplification of asana:

  • If the hips do not fall to the floor, try to perform the asana by placing a folded blanket under the buttocks.
  • If you can not pull the trunk up, lean your hands behind you on the floor.

Complication of asanas:

With your hands, unfold the soles of the feet upward, connecting the inner edges of the feet.

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Try to rest your elbows on your hips and exhale slowly to lean forward. Then touch the forehead, nose, and chin of the floor. A chest is resting on the feet, the buttocks are firmly pressed to the floor.

Hold the pose for 30 – 60 seconds, without forgetting to follow the breath. Then lift the body, free your hands and stretch your legs.

Possible mistakes:

  • You try to force your knees to the floor. This should not be done in any case! Instead, stretch the groin area towards the knees.
  • You round your back or lower your head.
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  • Do not bend your back. And Do not lift your shoulders to your ears. Do not put your hands on your hips!

Compliance and safety rules:

  • Intensively stretch your back, neck and top up.
  • Pull your hands up with your feet, press your knees closer to the floor. Given that the stretching of the inguinal ligaments from the right and the left side is uneven, as well as the degree of opening of the joints, align the position, holding up that leg, the knee of which is raised higher.
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  • The stronger the grip of the feet, the better the torso rises.


  • The back is stretched from the coccyx to the crown of the head.
  • Abdomen and chest are tucked up.
  • The chin is slightly lowered.
  • Elbows laid back.
  • The shoulders are dilated in the sides, the shoulder blades are retracted.
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  • Hips lie on the floor.
  • The calf muscles are tightly pressed against the inner surface of the thigh.


  • Pregnancy
  • ovarian dysfunction
  • menstrual pain
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  • varicose veins



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