Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Instructions

Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Instructions
Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Instructions

Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) is the best weight loss pose that helps to achieve a perfectly flat stomach. Navasana Yoga exerts a controlled pressure on the press area, increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and improves ovarian function.
Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Instructions

How to do Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Step By Step Instruction:

Lie on your back, straightening your legs and leaning your hands against your body. Take a deep breath, then exhale the head, back, and legs from the ground. Drag your fingertips to the legs without touching them. Look at the big toes. Feel the tension in the navel and abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds, keeping even breathing.
how to do Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose )

Important Points during Boat yoga pose (Navasana):

  • The heels should locate at eye level.
  • Legs should stretch and strained.
  • Palms should deploy “inside”.
  • The arms should stretch from the shoulder joints to the fingertips.
  • The back should straighten.
  • The neck continues the line of the spine


Stretch your back from the coccyx to the crown.
Hold the pose sometimes helps distraction, for this, you can change the direction of the stop – “to yourself” – “from yourself.” Sometimes the imagination helps if you imagine that the feet and the back of the headrest on the shelves.

Wrong Ways:

  • Do not round your lower back.
  • Do not press your shoulders against your ears.
  • Do not hold your breath.

How To Mastering in Boat yoga pose (Navasana):

Mastering Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ), you can perform the first two simplified versions, and then proceed to the third.

The knees are bent, the feet are pressed to the floor, the back is straightened and bent back (as in the full version). Hands stretched parallel to the floor.

Back is straight, tilted back, but with the support of the hands – the palms on the floor behind the pelvis. The legs are raised and straightened or bent at the knees.
Hold the weight and back and legs, but bend the knees (the legs are parallel to the floor).

Deepan the Pose:

To get into Dandasana, to enter Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) while lifting straight legs and back, and then – hands. Increase the time of the exercise.

Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) is well complemented by the performance of Ardha Navasana.
Advanced practices can be performed by Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) in a dynamic complex with Adho Mukha Shvanasana. At the same time, the entrance to Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) is carried out by jumping from the “hill”: the legs are carried between their hands, without touching the floor, the buttocks are lowered to the floor, then they straighten their legs. Then the same movement is done in the opposite direction.

Effects of Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ):

Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) refers to the poses of yoga, which strengthens the abdominal muscles, back and thighs. It increases blood circulation in the abdomen, improves digestion, relieves back pain, stimulates the thyroid gland.


Meteorism and other disorders of the stomach and intestines. General weakness.


Menstruation, pregnancy, diarrhea, colic, intestinal diseases at the stage of exacerbation, appendicitis, hiatal hernia, acute low back pain, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Navasana Yoga Pose ( Boat Pose ) Modification
A Hold behind your knees to keep a chest upright and pressure off the low back.

B Keep your neck long and look above your feet.

C Bend your knees and keep shins parallel to the ground.

A chest should be upright and back flat


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