Bow Yoga Pose (Dhanurasana) Instruction

Bow Yoga Pose(Dhanurasana) is an intermediate yoga backbend that deeply opens the chest and the front of the body.

if you’ve ever spent an afternoon hunched over a PC, or if you practice sports that encompass an forward-achieving motion(along with swimming, biking, or golfing).

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

you know the way properly it feels to stretch your hands and lift your chest. Bending backward is a natural manner to regain stability after hunching ahead!

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Named after an archer’s bow, the Sanskrit time period for Bow yoga pose(Dhanurasana) comes from two phrases:

“Dhanu” — Meaning “Bow”
“Asana” — Which Means “Pose”

How to Do Bow Yoga Pose (Dhanurasana) Step By Step Instruction:

Step 1:

Begin by mendacity for your belly along with your hands in a cactus position at the ground. As you inhale gently squeeze your shoulder blades again towards each different.

Then progress by using lifting your chest, your head, and the top of your ribs off the ground. Exhale and in your next inhalation, elevate your legs off the ground.

Press your feet collectively and preserve your legs lively and engaged. bend your elbows as though squeezing them towards every different at the back of you.

Step 2:

At the same time as preserving the carry to your chest and legs. Bend your knees and produce your heels closer to your head until your ft are vertical above your ankles.

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Maintain your palms open with hands facing the ground, and squeeze the pores and skin in the back of your shoulder blades to have interaction the muscle mass in your top again.
Press your huge ft and inner heels together.

Take 5–10 breaths. slowly launch to the ground, after which repeat as a minimum one more time earlier than intending to step three.

Step 3:

With your arms and legs lifted off the floor prepare to move right into a low-strength dhanurasana. Reach your fingers returned in the direction of your ankles, and with your hands facing in, lightly trap them from the outdoors.

Stay right here for 3–5 breaths, and try to maintain your ft and ankles touching. Release your grip on your ankles and slowly decrease to the floor.

Lie to your belly together with your head cradled in your fingers for 3 breaths.

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Step 4:

Repeat steps above three, however, this time hold the grip in your ankles. boom the power for your legs through raising them slightly better even as concurrently pulling them toward the wall at the back of you.

On this pose, you’ll resemble the dynamics of a bow for the arrow to fly it must create anxiety with the bow. your legs are the most powerful a part of your frame and whilst you spark off their energy.

You stabilize your pelvis and create a secure surrounding on your backbone to bend.

In case your legs do now not pull again, your higher frame cannot open. but if you do carry your legs higher, you’ll be aware the complete the front of your chest and shoulder vicinity starting.

Loosen up your stomach muscle tissues here, permitting them to stretch. maintain for 5–10 breaths, then slowly launch to the floor.

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Repeat up to a few instances. This pose is the expression of sthira and sukha in exercise.

Sthira is steadiness and electricity, that is important to support sukha, the full expression of happiness, pleasure, and freedom—in this example, the hole of the coronary heart center.

General information about Bow Yoga Pose (Dhanurasana) :

Name: Bow Yoga Pose (Dhanurasana)
Description: Bow Yoga Pose(Dhanurasana) is an intermediate yoga backbend that deeply opens the chest and the front of the body.

Stay Secure:

Bow yoga pose(Dhanurasana) need to feel like a deep stretch inside the front torso attaining out of your pubic bone for your throat.

To your back frame, your spine must be an incomplete extension and your pelvis ought to tilt forward so that your tailbone is free to boost because of the top of your sacrum movements closer to the floor.

(This is crucial to avoid low-lower back stress.) but, if you feel any pinching or compression in the low back, decrease the pose until you feel relaxed.

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Don’t forget to usually start slowly and concentrate on your body as you develop.

Advantages of bow pose:

Bow yoga pose stretches the entire the front of the frame, whilst concurrently strengthening each muscle within the returned.

This improves posture and spinal flexibility. moreover, the pose enables to open the chest, abdomen, quadriceps, ankles, groins, hip flexors, and throat.

The frame’s pressure at the stomach undoubtedly stimulates the organs of digestion and duplicate, which helps to relieve constipation and menstrual discomfort.

Further, the deep chest stretch opens the lungs, supporting to alleviate respiratory illnesses.
Energizing and invigorating the frame, mind, and spirit, bow pose also enables to alleviate fatigue, pressure, and anxiety.

Preparatory Poses:

Virasana(Hero Pose)
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Contraindications and Cautions

Do not practice this pose in case you are presently experiencing high or low blood pressure, migraines, or insomnia.

Also avoid this pose if you are pregnant, or if you have a low-power back or neck damage.

constantly paintings within your personal variety of limits and skills. when you have any medical concerns, speak along with your doctor earlier than working towards yoga.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Modifications & Versions

1. Bow yoga pose(Dhanurasana) can be an outstanding manner to regain balance and electricity after a day (or lifetime) of slouching forward.

Make certain to adjust the pose as wished, and ease up if you experience any pinching or jarring pain to your back or neck.

Here are some simple changes in an effort to lighten or deepen the pose for you:

2. In case you can not hold onto your ankles, use a yoga strap. wrap the strap around the front of your ankles before getting into the pose.

keep onto the strap whilst you are within the pose together with your palms completely prolonged.

3. For a more challenge, exercise the pose along with your thighs, calves, and inner toes pressing collectively.

4. For a good deeper backbend for superior students, take preserve of the alternative ankles.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

5. If you do no longer yet have the ability to carry out bow pose, attempt 1/2 bow (referred to as “ardha dhanurasana” in sanskrit):

A Lie on your stomach with your chin on the mat. reach each finger forward.

B Then, bend your proper knee and make bigger your right arm in the back of you, taking hold of your right ankle.
Breathing in, raise your right heel up towards the ceiling, this may raise your higher torso and head off the mat.
Preserve your left hand resting on the mat, or elevate it up if you may.

C Keep for some breaths, then release and loosen up. repeat for the equal amount of time on the left aspect.

6. for more variety, exercise aspect bow (known as “parsva dhanurasana” in sanskrit). side bow offers a deep rubdown to the abdominal organs:

A Perform steps 1-4, as listed above in the commands.

B Exhaling, convey your right shoulder to the floor as you pull your left foot toward the right. roll over till you’re mendacity to your right facet.

C Hold for up to 30 seconds. then, exhaling, roll on your stomach again, and then over to the left. stay there for the equal quantity of time. then, come returned to your belly and launch the pose.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Deepen the pose:

You may grow the venture of Bow yoga pose(Dhanurasana) through appearing the pose together with your thighs, calves, and inner toes touching.

Therapeutic programs:

  • Constipation
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Moderate backache
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Menstrual discomfort
If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Tips For Begineers:

  • Bow yoga pose(Dhanurasana) will energize and stretch the entire frame while practiced efficiently. keep the subsequent information in mind while practicing this pose:
  • Keep onto your ankles, not the tops of your toes. this will assist to save your ankle, knee, and different leg accidents.
  • Hold your knees hip-width or nearer together at some point of the pose. do not allow your knees splay wider than your hips; doing so can compress and compromise your low again.
  • Lightly distribute the backbend throughout your upper, middle, and lower back.
  • Hold respiration at some point of the pose. do now not preserve your breath.


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