Camel Yoga Pose Benefits ( Ustrasana Pose )

camel yoga pose benefits
camel yoga pose benefits

“Ushtrasana” – translates as “Camel Yoga Pose”. Apparently, many “camels” straightened this simple and effective asana, which is necessarily used in complexes to correct posture. Below the some Camel Yoga Pose Benefits.

To enter the asana you must sit on your heels (knees at the width of the hip joints), with an inspiration to lift the pelvis, lean one by one on the heels (in simplified form, the toes are tucked and rest on the floor, thus the heel is higher).

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Then, on inhalations, start to move the pelvis forward, moving the center of gravity to the knees. The pelvis rises in line with the knees.

Do not put too far “hanging” the pelvis for the knees forward – this can create too much tension in the lower back.

Buttocks remain in the tonus. The thorax opens, the neck stretches (look at the ceiling or, easier, the option – look ahead). Weight almost does not remain on the hands. The neck does not relax completely to avoid bending.

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The loin also does not break, but stretches. Breathing is natural. The concentration of attention in svadhisthane or vishuddha chakra.

Following the asana, it is necessary to compensate, either by tilting to the straight legs or the pose of the child (as an alternative to shasankasana).

Painful sensations in any part of the body are unacceptable when mastering asana.

Technique of performance of Camel Yoga Pose :

1. Get on your knees, legs together.

2. First, put your hands on the lower back, begin to slowly bend back, then slowly put your hands on the heels and fully bend the back of the spine, stretching the ribs. The head stretches to the floor.

3. Delay in a pose of 30 seconds or more, for beginners quite a few breathing cycles.

4. Return the palms to the lower back and return to the starting position.

The variation for beginners is such a modification of the asana: the palms or fists are placed on the waist, it is necessary to bend back as far as possible depending on the preparation of the beginner.

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BKS Iyengar writes that asana is indispensable at stoop, spreads the lowered shoulders and back. Actively opens the chest, stretches the muscles of the entire front side of the body: chest, press, front groin and thighs.

Activates, extends the spine, lengthens it, preserves the flexibility of the spine and the functional state of the intervertebral discs.

Easier variations of asanas are safe even for the elderly. Asana is useful for the digestive and reproductive system, prevents constipation, affects the thyroid gland.

It is useful to asthmatics. Tones up the whole body; Strengthens the muscles of the chest, back, abdominals, thighs. Trains a sense of balance.

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Activates the central nervous system. Improves blood circulation, increases blood pressure. By drawing the diaphragm it deepens the breathing.

It is also useful for hemorrhoids. At the psychological level, it is realized by self-confidence.


Do not perform camel yoga pose in vascular lesions of the brain, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, abdominal hernia, trauma and back, and gay pain. Also, cautiously with frequent headaches and dizziness…

A curious variation is Ardha Ustranasana – or “Half of a camel’s pose”. One leg is moved forward and stands on the foot.

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The first option – can be considered lightened when we rely on only one hand, and the second can be pulled forward in front of the body.

The second version of the half pose was unexpectedly not so simple – to lower both hands from behind on the heel required more attention to balance, greater opening in the thoracic spine.

Master Ustrasana gradually and it will undoubtedly bring you the joy of revelation, lightness, and feeling of proudly straightened strong and confident back.

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People with problems in the shoulder girdle, pain in the knees, neck, and back are not recommended to perform the exercise.

You should also pay attention to the pain that occurs in the internal organs and the lumbar region, and not to allow exacerbation.

Breathe in the position on the knees. Exhale, deviating back and also returning to Vajrasana.

Self-implementation of the Ustrasana is contraindicated:

– in cases of circulatory disorders of the brain

– expressed problems with the spine (trauma, hernia)

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– increased activity (hyperfunction) of the thyroid gland

– arterial hypertension (high blood pressure)

– and also during the recovery period after surgery on internal organs

During execution of any of the known modifications, the Ustrasana strive first to qualitatively stretch the spine upward, increasing the distance between the vertebral discs.

And only then perform the extension of the spine in the first place due to the thoracic and cervical divisions, not allowing the appearance of a breakpoint in the lumbar region.

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It is recommended for osteochondrosis of all parts of the spine, for the restoration of the elasticity of the spinal tissues, postural disorders, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

In aesthetic respect, asana strengthens the upper surface of the thighs, popliteal ligament, abdominal muscles, neck.

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Camel yoga pose benefits is not performed during periods of aggravation of these diseases. Even if you decide to do yoga yourself, you need to work with a yoga instructor in the initial stages, as well as consulting a doctor.


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