Cow Face Yoga Pose (Gomukhasana) Instructions

Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) Instructions
Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) Instructions

Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) is the posture of a cow’s head (sometimes it is simply called the Pose of a cow). “Go, gov, govah” – a cow, “Mukha” – face, head. You know what if you look at this Pose from above, it looks like the head of a cow.
Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) Instructions

How to do Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) Step By Step Instruction:

Sit on the floor and bend your knees, placing them half a meter from the buttocks. Place the left foot under the right knee and place it on the right side of the pelvis in such a way that the knee of the left leg “looks” forward. In the same way, place the right foot on the left side of the pelvis.

Place the knees one above the other, lift the body, lower the pelvis between the heels. Make sure that the body weight is distributed evenly to both sciatic bones.

Get both hands behind your back: the right one – through the top, the left – through the bottom. Clasp your hands in the lock. Straighten the lower back, slightly lower the chin, pull the neck up.

This is the final position . Stay in it for 1-2 minutes, breathing normally.

Exit from the pose:

Unhook your fingers, free your hands, straighten your legs.

Repeat the pose in the other direction. For simplicity, remember that the leg that is at the top is combined with the same hand at the bottom, i.e. if the right leg is on top of the left, then the right hand is from below, and the left hand is on top.

Attention is directed to the breath, either on the Ajna or on the Anahata chakra.


The feet are on the same level.
Knees – one under the other.
The waist is straight.
The chest is open.
The elbow of the “upper” arm is slightly retracted and extends strictly upwards.
The shoulder of the “lower” arm is set back.
The chin is slightly lowered, the neck is stretched up, after the crown.

Compliance and safety rules:

• To achieve maximum effect, the arm of the arm, which will be from below, in a circular motion, turn back together with the same scapula. This will help you open your chest.

• Unexpected stretching in this exercise often causes an involuntary delay in breathing. In this case, you need to relax and breathe smoothly.

• Do not push your knees to the floor! Difficulties in performing Gomukh asana are related to a greater degree with the condition of the hip joints, and not at all knee joints.

• Keep your shoulders on the same level, leveling the entire body.

Follow up poses:

* Padmasana

* Paschimottanasana

Possible mistakes

Do not bend the lower back forward. Do not distort the pelvis.


Serious injuries to the waist and shoulders.

“If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Simplification of Pose:

There are Variations of legs in Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) First, you can keep your legs below in your bump and sit straight in the form of Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana)." On the other hand you can away your feet from your bump but sit straight in the form of Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) as you see in the picture.

Complication of asanas: Lean your hands on your knees and, pulling the spine forward, lower the body down. When the stomach lies on your hips, catch your chin on your knees. Take the straight hands behind your back, twine your fingers and, turning the lock, lift it upward, opening the chest, stretching your back forward even more.


Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) refers to the postures of yoga, returning mobility to the hip joints, improving the flow of blood and lymph in the pelvic area, improving the internal organs. It makes the calf muscles, hips, and muscles of the humeral body elastic.

Opens the thorax, aligns the back. The pose stimulates the work of the kidneys. Reveals the thorax, improves posture. Eliminates muscle cramps in the legs, making the leg muscles more elastic.

Prevents the emergence of diabetes in adulthood (of course, in combination with proper nutrition). Cow face yoga pose (Gomukhasana) is recommended for spasms of gastrocnemius muscles and thighs, increased nervous tension, short temper.


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