Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana ) Instructions

Happy Baby Pose(Ananda Balasana ) InstructionsA
Happy Baby Pose(Ananda Balasana ) InstructionsA

As you know that sometimes we behave like a happy baby with happy babies because they look beautiful and have cuteness overloaded. Same as like happy babies you should behave like a baby during performing happy baby yoga or baby yoga. That’s why it’s called a happy baby pose (Ananda Balasana)

Happy Baby Pose(Ananda Balasana ) Instructions

Every day, start your morning with the happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana), to be charged with inspiration, creative energy, and curiosity for the day ahead. The main thing – do not forget that success lies not only in the right technique but also in the approach: joyful, innocent and childish. Allow yourself to let yourself go and fool around (early in the morning it’s especially easy to do when our conscious part is still asleep).

How to do happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana) Step By Step Instruction:

Happy Baby Pose(Ananda Balasana ) Instructions

• Lie on your back and grab the feet. If it does not work, grab yourself by the back of your hips. Uncover your knees and pull them to your armpits.

• Feel the spine stretching.

• Gently stretch your heels to the ceiling, continuing to hold the feet. Feel the elongation of the coccyx, the spine and the base of the skull when you gently stretch.

• Hold in position for a minute or more, if you want. To exit the exhalation pose, slowly lower the feet to the floor.


If you can hardly reach the stop, put a strap or rope on each foot. In case of unpleasant sensations in the back, lower one leg to the floor and perform the pose first on one side, then on the other.


Benefits of Happy Baby Pose(Ananda Balasana )

happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana) facilitates nausea, helps to abstract from external stimuli, giving you the opportunity to relax and comfortably stretch out. In happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana), the muscles of the thighs are stretched; it relieves pain in the uterus.

* It calms the mind and relieves the stress.
* Open the stretches the hips.
* Release tension in the lower back.
* Stretches the inner groin.

Recommendations and features:

First, you need to pull your legs to the body. After that, wrap your arms around the feet and pull a little. The back should be on the floor, the loin does not need to be torn from the surface. The stretching of the muscles should take place on exhalation.

To get out of the happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana), it’s also worth taking a deep breath and exhaling.


Security: happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana) is a pretty safe pose. But with sufficient zeal, you can also injure her, for example, your knees. Hence the main rule of injury: work slowly, gently and do not allow pain in the knee joints. Do not tilt your head – so the neck will be safe.

Rest in work:happy baby pose(Ananda Balasana) is a wonderful pose for relaxation. In it, you can rest and at the same time perform the so-called exercise for the disclosure of the hip joints.

It is impossible to open the joints, of course, but to stretch the rigid muscles of the hips that fix the joints – completely.