Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) Instruction


Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) is a classical seated yoga pose that stretches the thighs and ankles at the same time as improving posture. It’s miles one of the maximum ancient and traditional postures used for meditation and respiratory sporting sports (pranayama). Its Sanskrit call, “virasana” (veer-ahs-uh-nuh), comes from terms:

“Vira” — meaning “hero”
“asana” — which means “pose”

Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) Step By Step Instruction

This pose may be difficult for those with tight knees, thighs, or groins.

How to do Hero Yoga Pose (virasana) Step By Step Instruction:

Step 1:

Kneel on the floor (use a folded blanket or bolster to wedge between your calves and thighs if necessary), together with your thighs perpendicular to the floor, and contact your internal knees collectively.

Slide your toes aside, barely wider than your hips, with the tops of the ft flat on the ground. Attitude your massive toes barely in toward each other and press the top of each foot lightly on the floor.

Step 2:

Exhale and sit down lower back halfway, together with your torso leaning barely forward. Wedge your thumbs into the backs of your knees and draw the skin and flesh of the calf muscular tissues towards the heels. Then take a seat down between your toes.

Step 3:

If your buttocks do not without difficulty relaxation on the floor, enhance them on a block or thick e-book positioned among the toes. Make sure each sitting bones are lightly supported. Allow a thumbs-width space between the inner heels and the outer hips.

Flip your thighs inward and press the heads of the thigh bones into the ground with the bases of your palms. Then lay your fingers for your lap, one on the other, fingers up, or in your thighs, fingers down.

Step 4:

Company your shoulder blades in opposition to the back ribs and lift the pinnacle of your sternum like a proud warrior. Widen the collarbones and launch the shoulder blades away from the ears. Extend the tailbone into the ground to anchor the back torso.

Step 5:

Before everything stay in this pose from 30 seconds to at least one minute. Steadily enlarge your life up to five mins. To pop out, press your palms against the floor and raise your buttocks up, barely better than the heels.

Pass your ankles underneath your buttocks, take a seat lower back over the toes and onto the ground, then stretch your legs out in front of you. It could experience top to dance your knees up and down a few times on the floor.

General information about Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana):

Name: Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana)
Description: Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) is much like the seated pose known as “thunderbolt pose,” (referred to as “vajrasana” in Sanskrit). The primary difference is that the feet are together in thunderbolt pose, at the same time as in hero pose, the heels are along the hips and the buttocks are on the floor.
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Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) stretches and increases flexibility inside the knees, ankles, and thighs. It teaches practitioners inner thigh rotation, and it also allows to lessen tightness in the legs. Additionally, the pose strengthens the arches of the feet.

Due to the upright spinal alignment in the pose, Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) improves posture and helps to alleviate bronchial asthma.

While Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) is practiced in correct alignment, it could cause a greater recognition of the entire frame, and of how the breath movements thru the torso. This attention creates calm awareness, that’s the true essence of yoga.


Do now not exercise Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) in case you are currently affected by coronary heart troubles or complications. When you have a knee or ankle damage, handiest try this pose beneath the steerage of a skilled and knowledgeable trainer.

Always paintings within your very own variety of limits and skills. If you have any medical concerns, communicate with your medical doctor before working towards yoga.



Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) may be an excellent manner to boom flexibility on your thighs, ankles, and knees, even as improving posture. However, considering it is this type of deep stretch for the knees, it’s far crucial to take the pose slowly, use props if wanted, and make something adjustments you need to experience consistent, secure, and supported in the pose. Try these easy adjustments to find a version of the pose that works exceptionally for you.

In case you can not without problems sit down on the ground, sit down as an alternative on a yoga block placed at the floor between your shins. Relying on your stage of flexibleness, you could need two blocks, or a block topped with a folded blanket.

Lifting your hips above the level of your knees will significantly reduce pressure and soreness in your knees, hips, and again. It will additionally open your groins even further and produce your spine into accurate alignment so that you can assist you to avoid harm and live in the position for a great deal longer intervals.

Experiment with numerous heights of guide to find the only that is maximum suitable for you.If your ankles need greater padding within the pose, place a blanket or rolled towel underneath each one before coming completely into the Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana).

If you are working towards a mudra as a part of your meditation, you may convey your arms into the ideal role rather than resting them on your thighs.

To add a torso stretch to the pose, reach your arms forward till they’re parallel to the floor along with your palms facing down.

Hook your thumbs. Then, on an inhalation, raise your palms overhead, till they may be perpendicular to the floor together with your arms going through ahead. Exhale to lower your palms and release. Change the hook of your thumbs and repeat.

Deepen the Pose:

Cup your palms around the knees, straighten the arms completely and pull on the knees. Enterprise your shoulder blades towards your again, elevate the pinnacle sternum and release your chin down onto the chest without straining the decrease lower back of your neck.

Maintain for 10 to twenty seconds. Then permit a move of the knees and lift your head returned to impartial without losing the rise of the sternum.

Tips for Beginner’s:

Working towards Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) inaccurate alignment will improve the fitness and mobility of your knees, even as connecting you to an ancient yoga exercise. Hold the following records in thoughts while working towards this pose:

  • Hold your weight balanced similarly across both sit bones.
  • Make sure the tops of your feet are pressing similarly into the floor — do no longer let the internal or outer tops of your ft keep greater weight. Press your palms along the soles of your ft to help evenly distribute the burden.
  • By no means be competitive or force the pose! Take into account that it may take weeks, months, and even years to reach your sit bones all of the manners to the ground. Take it slowly and use props and changes to keep away from injury. Through the years, you will benefit an extra variety of motion.
  • In case you are sitting on blocks or blankets, ensure they’re slim sufficient to fit among your shins without forcing your knees wider than your hips.
  • In case you are the usage of props, hold your thighbones parallel to each other. In case you are sitting on the ground, step by step deliver your knees together till they contact.
  • Keep your toes without delay in step with your shins. Do no longer permit your feet to splay huge open, as this can reason damage to your knees and groins. Preserving your toes in the identical line as your shins will keep away from twisting your knees.
  • In case you feel any pinching or jarring ache (especially in the knees), right now back out of the pose.
  • Hold your thighs rotating inward throughout the pose.
  • Your feet and ankles ought to rest on your hips.


An accomplice let you learn to prolong the backbone in this pose. Carry out Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana). Have your partner sit behind you and firmly hold close the bottom of your cranium with the thumb and index finger of one hand.

As you prolong the tailbone into the floor, have your associate tug up at the cranium base, lengthening the returned spine among its “poles.” release the crease of your neck into this area between the bottom of the cranium and the lower back of the neck.


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