Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions
Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

Lion Pose (Simhasana)refers to the pose of yoga, designed to treat the throat. Strengthening the flow of blood to the neck, Lion Pose (Simhasana) helps fight infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, clears the tongue, improves voice and hearing, eliminates bad breath and increases salivation.
Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

How to do Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step By Step Instruction:

You have to sit on your knees, on your heels. Place your palms on your knees. Tension your fingers and spread them apart. Now press your chin to your chest and stretch your neck. You need to strain your eyes. Imagine a fierce lion on a hunt. Draw the same look from under the brow.
Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

We take a breath. On the exhalation, we open our mouth wide. The tongue protrudes forward as far as possible. We try to strain the entire body. Especially note how tight your throat and neck. After you have exhaled, about 5 seconds you need to hold your breath. If you have a chronic throat disease or when you just have a cold, repeat this exercise 4 to 5 times.

The Lion Pose (Simhasana): the main thing is not to be shy!
Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

Be sure to take it into service, and practice at least at home!

Yoga attracts us with its grace and harmony. A man in good shape, skillfully practicing some intricate pose is a truly beautiful sight. An airy bassana or a cunningly tortured garudasana, an intricate lotus or an acrobatic shirshasana – that’s how we want to look from the outside.

But hardly any of us would like to be caught in the pose of a lion, or simhasana. She looks quite comical, so rarely practiced in yoga classes. But this posture can have a tremendous effect on the throat, breathing and facial muscles. So be sure to take it into service, and practice at least at home, for example, every morning after brushing your teeth.

Basically, yoga works with our body. The position of the lion(Simhasana) also uses the muscles of our face. It is used not only by yoga but also by bodybuilders (the same Iron Arnie), speech therapists, cosmetologists and even psychics. For those who suffer from throat diseases, it is generally indispensable. This is one of the simplest and most effective asanas in yoga. At the same time, she has different techniques and complications. Let’s figure it out.

Fineness of implementation.

• Your chin during the execution of this asana should press against the chest.

• The language stretches forward and down.

• Fierce glance from under the eye directed forward or in the between eyebrows.

• Bend forward thorax.

• Take your shoulders back. Lower them to your buttocks.

• Pull the vanes into yourself.

• When you take a breath, you need to try to pull your neck up. At the same time, the tongue is pressed hard against the upper sky. Proper breathing during the practice will help you not only cure your throat, tonsillitis, but also get rid of ear problems if you have them.

• Relax completely the torso and hands while inhaling and at the same time pull the neck up completely.

• Language pop out. The chin is pressed against the chest.
Strain all the muscles in the inspiration. Try to maintain this tension when breathing is delayed.

• During the performance of Lion Pose ( Simhasana ), exhale with the sound “xhhaa”, this has an additional positive effect on the ligaments and throat.
Lion Pose (Simhasana) Step by Step Instructions

During practice, make sure that the shoulders are not raised to the ears. The back should not arche back. If you, dear readers, find it difficult to perform the exercise on the floor, try to do this sitting on a chair.

You can perform a slightly more complicated version of this asana. To do this, sit in the lotus position. Put your hands on your knees. We take a slow breath. The neck should extend upwards. We exhale and climb to our knees, helping ourselves with our hands. Put your hands in front. We bend in the chest.

Head back and roll your eyes. The feeling is as if you are trying to look at your own glands from the inside. In the same way, we stick out the language with the same sound “xxxa”. Repeat 3 – 4 times.

Benefits of Lion Pose (Simhasana).

• First, it is good for the treatment of nasopharyngeal diseases. If you are already sick – say, angina – then you need to perform Lion Pose (Simhasana) at least 10 times a day. Then the effect will be palpable. It is much easier to practice it when you just felt a tickling in your throat or just chatted with a “snotty” colleague for a couple of minutes. Simhasana will help to quickly clear the nasopharynx. Prepare a handkerchief, possibly with exhalation will go out mucus. By the way, after such a powerful ventilation disappears and bad breath.

• Secondly, it perfectly tightens the oval face and eliminates fine wrinkles. Annelies Hagen, who developed the technique of yoga for the face, uses Lion Pose (Simhasana) as one of the basic poses. It helps to get rid of the second chin and improve the complexion.

• Thirdly, the pose of the lion trains the vocal cords. Improving blood circulation in the larynx, it helps to eliminate many speech defects, for example, stuttering.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

• Fourthly, this posture helps to “neutralize” negative energy. Therefore, it is used by psychics. This, of course, is a matter of faith. It is believed that exhaling extensively, we get rid of all harmful influences. Including, and from the “evil eye”.

Lion Pose (Simhasana) in yoga refers to asanas for the treatment of the throat. Exercising causes blood flow cleans throat and relieves infections and coughing. Makes the breath fresh. Voice and hearing improve with regular classes. This position Lion Pose (Simhasana) is highly recommended for lecturers, singers and all those who need to strengthen the voice apparatus. It also helps people with speech defects.

• And the most interesting thing is that this asana smoothes wrinkles and removes the second chin. That’s why it is so indispensable for women. Strengthens even the muscles of the abdomen, arms, and legs. At the same time, this posture relieves tension, relaxes and recharges the energetic center of the throat area.


Of course, it does not do without contraindications to fulfill Lion Pose (Simhasana). These include tumors of the larynx, neck. If you have any lung diseases, then before consulting, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Lion Pose (Simhasana) is usually performed either separately or is included in a complex of exercises for the prevention of colds. In the period of epidemics, it can be performed in a larger number, up to 10 executions at a time. Often Lion Pose (Simhasana) is included in the warm-up complex. Since it is very active in the cervical spine.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners and you can also follow child pose ,Puppy pose, Extended side angle

We just need to properly perform it and watch the breathing. Then, at first glance, a simple asana will become your first assistant with often-attacking catarrhal diseases of the throat. Than to grasp at once for tablets, it is possible to secure yourself another, more reliable and useful method. Namely exercise of yoga. After all, ancient knowledge will only benefit you and will not give any side effects, unlike chemical preparations.

How To Deepen:

Sit in “Padmasana”, put your hands on your knees, breathe in, pulling your neck up. On exhalation, with the help of hands, rise to your knees, leaning on the hands set in front, to bend over in the chest, to throw your head back and, rolling your eyes upward (trying to look at the glands from the inside), stick your tongue as far as possible with the same uterine sound of “xxxxa”.Perform 2 – 4 times with each option of crossing the legs in the lotus.
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