Malasana Yoga Pose For Pregnant Women

malasana yoga pose for pregenency
malasana yoga pose for pregenency

Malasana yoga pose comes from Sanskrit, “Mala” means garland. In a complete variation of the posture that pregnant women cannot perform due to the large abdomen, the arms wrap around the body and meet behind the back.
Malasana Yoga Pose ( Garland Pose ) for pregnant women

This yoga pose can meet you under the name “tailor’s pose”.

In malasana, there is an active extension of the lower back and inner surfaces of the thighs, the area of the ankles is well stretched and the area of the sacrum is affected.

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Gita Iyengar (author of the book “Yoga for Women”) called this pose “good for women” only. By the way, this posture was used (and still applies here and now) during delivery.

How to do Malasana Yoga pose ( Garland Pose):

Squat in any convenient way for you. Pull your toes to the sides, and put your feet to the width of your shoulders, or wider, so that your belly is free to fit between your knees.

Put your hands in front of the breast in the namaste (Anjali Mudra), so that the thumbs of the hands are at the level of the solar plexus, and the elbows rest on the knees.

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Try to firmly press the heels to the floor, or, if necessary, place under the heels of any support. Feed the body slightly upwards, feeling how the back is lengthening.

Try not to tear the little toes off the floor.

Start breathing your belly, pulling up the muscles of the pelvic floor as you exhale.

If you want to use other Kegel exercises, then make exhalations three-steps:

on each exhalation imagine that the muscles of the pelvic floor is an elevator that rises to the floor above. The last exhalation should be the longest and most relaxing. Inhale release the pelvic floor muscles, and then repeat everything again.

Very often there is a desire to clench your teeth and clench your shoulders – try to keep your face (including the lower jaw) relaxed, and your shoulders calmly go down, allowing your neck to stretch.

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Contraindications for performance:

  • placenta previa
  • uterine tone
  • trauma or pain in the knee joints
  • hemorrhoids
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All of these benefits from this asana are especially important for a pregnant woman:

Pulling your back up – we are working on the posture, which means that we allow our lungs to work at full power.
Malasana Yoga Pose ( Garland Pose ) Instructions

You use the full volume of the lungs, because light, without being clamped stooped back, more effectively supply your child with oxygen.

Pushing your knees with your elbows to the sides – we not only increase blood circulation in the inner leading muscles of the thighs but also affect the hip joints.

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The position of the legs in this asana is very similar to the position of the legs in the parturient woman during the phase of the expulsion of the fetus.

Many pregnant women respond about this posture as “my most beloved” – it very effectively relieves the pain of the sacral zone both during pregnancy and during labor.

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The posture allows you to train well and even feel the muscles of the pelvic floor (which are a supporting device for the pelvic organs and uterus).

While in a pose, perform Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor (or mule Bandhu).


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