Marichyasana i Yoga Pose ( Pose dedicated to the sage Marichi I )

Marichyasana i Yoga Pose (2)
Marichyasana i Yoga Pose (2)

There are eight options for performing Marichyasana. The first four are related to chikitsayoga (yoga therapy). Marichyasana i was created by the sage Marich, whose name asana was given its name.

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Marichyasana i Yoga Pose

The first and second embodiments (A and B) include Twenty-two vinyasas, and the third and fourth (B and D) – eighteen. Forms of Marichyasana are the eighth and fifteenth vinyasas for variants (A) and (B) and the seventh and twelvth vinyasas for variants (B) and (D) respectively.

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How to Marichyasana i Yoga Pose Step By Step Instruction:
How to Marichyasana-i-Yoga-Pose
  • Sit down in Dandasana (Staff posture).
  • Place the palms on both sides of the pelvis and push them away from the floor.
  • Hold the sciatic bones to the support and simultaneously guide them back, drawing the lower back.
  • Actively direct the inner surfaces of the thighs down.
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  • Expand the chest, expand the area of ​the scapula and stretch the head of the head to the ceiling.
  • Keeping the position of Dandasana, helping yourself with your arms, bend the left leg so that the knee was directed upwards, and the left leg’s leg is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Maximize the left heel to the pelvis.
  • It should be located in line with the central axis of the hull or slightly to the left.
  • Return your palms to the floor and stretch your spine once more.
  • Press the left ischium and the right palm to the floor and raise your left arm up, lengthening the lateral side of the trunk. Slightly tilt the pelvis and body forward and, pulling the left side, twist a little to the right.
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  • Then bend forward: start from the left side of the pelvis, then push forward the left side of the waist and ribs.
  • Make sure that the left hip comes in contact with the body, and the knee was still pointed upwards.
  • Pull the left arm forward and grasp the outer edge of the right foot, ankle, or lower leg.
  • Pull out the spine, lengthening the front surface of the body, then allow the back to round.
  • With your left hand, pull the right foot towards you and curl to the right, gradually pushing the left side forward along the inner side of the left hip.
  • Now release the right foot and grab your left arm with your bent leg.
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  • Pull the left arm back and up to the waist.
  • On the exhalation, start the right hand behind your back and grab the right wrist with your left hand or clasp your fingers. If necessary, use a belt.
  • Without shortening the left side, point the right half of the body forward so that the right and left shoulder are at the same height from the floor and at the same distance from the pelvis. The right leg should remain strong, the knee must be retracted.
  • As before, point the inside of the right hip to the floor. Pull both hands back, lengthen the front surface of the body and maximally tilt the pelvis and torso forward. If the forehead is easily lowered onto the shin, move it as close to the right foot as possible.

    If in order to reach the shin, you have to make efforts and squeeze the front surface of the body, just release the neck and head down so that the spine forms an even arch.Or If the hip, knee or shoulder joints are not yet sufficiently mobile, it is more than likely that they will not be able to attach their fingers behind their backs.

  • Stay in the pose for 1 minute, then run it the other way.
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Effects of Marichyasana i Yoga Pose ( Pose dedicated to the sage Marichi I ):

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Extends the spine and shoulders
  • Stimulates the work of the abdominal organs, especially the kidneys and liver
  • Improves digestion
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  • Asthma
  • Diarrhea
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Preparatory asanas:

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Follow up Poses


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