Open Lizard Hip Stretch Yoga Pose

open lizard hip stretch
open lizard hip stretch

Open Lizard Hip Stretch Yoga Pose perfectly prepares for more complex asanas, requiring a good opening of the hip joints.

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Performing Open Lizard Hip Stretch Yoga Pose you will approach yoga dandasana – the posture of the yoga staff, Eka pada shirshasana – the posture of one leg behind the head and kaundiniasana.

The ancient reptiles in their evolutionary evolution have always possessed the human imagination.

In many religions and cultures, reptiles and amphibians associated with space and time.

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They signify change and renewal because many of them cycle through the skin and coloring, they can live both in water and on land, personifying the opportunity to move between the physical and spiritual world.

During the Middle Ages and the heyday of alchemy, the salamander was of particular importance.

She was often portrayed as jumping out of the flames and believed that she carried within her the spirit of fire.

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Initially, it’s believed that the salamander does not have sex, therefore, among other things, she personifies non-duality, so valued in advaita.

In the heraldry of the salamander is associated with courage. Personally, I perceive a meeting with unusual lizards as a warning, but on the whole, extremely sympathetic to lizards running around the country.

But, of course, the most amazing amphibian for me is an axolotl. Capable of miracles of regeneration, which has an extremely powerful thyroid gland, this larva, unable to reach sexual maturity, is capable of reproduction.

I have my own parable-metaphor about axolotl. This is a metaphor for violent change, without awareness of the consequences.

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I try to tell her students asking advice, before going for something like Holotropic Breathwork or any shamanic initiation.

This metaphor I tried to keep in mind, doing once psychotherapy: to introduce axolotl into metamorphosis (that it could turn from a larva into an adult animal) without the support of a specialist is dangerous for the life of the animal.

As a rule, attempts at home to turn axolotl into a adult animal in 99% of cases resulted in the death of the larva.

In India, you can find a “cure for nerves”, which prepared by frying live lizards on fire.

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It seems to me to calm nerves, at the expense of causing pain to a living creature wildly. Yes, and the first pit in yoga – ahimsa – not causing violence to others and to oneself, is not taken into account at all by the “roasters”.

Stretch Yoga:

Stretch yoga combines simple and at the same time effective exercises that performed with a maximum relaxation of the body.

Equal distribution of stretching vectors in space allows you to gently correct the body lines:

  • Straightens posture
  • Increases plasticity and stamina
  • Eliminates distortions and joint disorders caused by an imbalance in strength and flexibility of muscles
  • If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners
  • Good muscle tone that you get as a result of regular stretching will help to avoid negative consequences of stress
  • Stretching positively affects youth and body health
  • Stimulation of blood flow in muscles promotes their development and accelerated recovery after force loads
  • With sedentary work or sedentary lifestyle, even short exercises on flexibility noticeably improve the condition and invigorate

A scientifically proven direct relationship between body flexibility and immunity.

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Elements of stretch yoga can be observed in the training of professional dancers.

How To Do Open Lizard Hip Stretch Yoga Pose:

  • Go to the floor on all fours and go into the pose Adho Mukha Shvanasana – Pose Dog Muzzle Down.
  • Make a full exhalation and on inhalation translate the right foot on the line of hands from the outside of the right palm.
  • Tear off the heel of your left foot.
  • As you exhale, moving your palms forward, try to lower your elbows to the floor to the left of your right foot.

    The body should descend below the level of the right knee. The shin of the right leg should be strictly vertical.

  • Maximally relax the muscles of the legs and back, lower the pelvis so that the body forms one line with the left straight leg.
  • Push the left heel back, pulling the back of the thigh.
  • Look forward to the point in the meter from the tips of your fingers.
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  • Keep this position from 20 to 60 seconds, breath smoothly and calmly.
  • On the exhalation, move your hands to the line of your right foot and lift the body. Return the right leg back, and return to Adho Mukha Shvanasana.
  • Take a few breaths and repeat the asana by transferring the left leg to the line of hands.


It is not recommended for diseases of the lumbar-sacral region, knee joints, and back.

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Opens the chest, pelvis and stretches the muscles of the back of the thigh.


If it’s hard to get to the floor, you can put yoga bricks under your arms and forearms.

Thr Involved Parts Of The Body:

Taz, Feet, Chest

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners


Beginners can lower the knee of a straight leg to the floor, thereby reducing the force load on the bent leg.


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