Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) Instruction

Rabbit Yoga Pose (Sasakasana) Instruction
Rabbit Yoga Pose (Sasakasana) Instruction

Rabbit Yoga Pose ( sasangasana ) is an inverted Pose. It should be executed from the placement at the knees, palms are folded in the front of you inside the form of an equilateral triangle.

The fingers are locked into the lock, the elbows are bent and rest on the ground. This improvised triangle from the arms within the infant’s imagination can seem like a rabbit hole.

sasangasana (Rabbit yoga Pose)

Where a nimble rabbit wants to dive, or a comfy sandpit in which the ostrich will cover its head. first, observe the pose yourself, and allow the kids to look at you, taking note of your unique causes.

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Then the children can perform the rabbit pose themselves, and also you want to display the correctness of the performance and accurate the youngsters.

How to do Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) Step By Step Instruction:

• Stand on your knees, weave your fingers in the lock and bend your arms in the elbows.

How to do Rabbit Yoga Pose (Sasakasana)

• Put your forearms on the floor in front of you, the elbows are under your shoulders, the lock from the hands, elbows, and forearms form an equilateral triangle on the floor.

• We put the head on the crown (the flat part) directly into the center of the rabbit hole (the center of the triangle you created).

• Straighten the legs in the knees, raise the hips up, leaning on the floor with your toes.

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• As a result, you lean on the floor with a triangle of hands and toes, minimizing pressure on the head and neck.

• Now we gradually approach the legs as close as possible to the head. Hold the pose for 10-20 seconds.

• We go down and relax in the Pose of the child.

General information about Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) :

Name: Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana)
Description: Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) strengthens the stomach, creating space in between as well as stimulating the intervertebral discs of the whole spine, ensuring right alignment.
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Reduces mental fatigue and freshens the mind, stimulates the pituitary gland, promotes the development of flexibility and increases the elasticity of the spine and back muscles, strengthens the hands and back, teaches humility, alleviates the symptoms of asthma.

Rabbit Pose yoga (sasangasana) is a preparatory pose for getting out into a more complicated stand on the head – Salamba Shirshasana.


Only by teaching children how easy it is to carry out the Pose of the Rabbit, listen carefully to your instructions and patiently wait for your help.

you can move on to the next stage and teach children how to stand on the head with support on the wall. Inverted poses are a serious emotional and physical burden for children.

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Which, however, allows children to feel stronger, more confident, to conquer their fears and gives the opportunity to look at the world in a new way. Do it with the children, being completely confident in the children’s ability to do it safely and correctly.

Preliminary poses:


Place folded blanket below the knees and/or head to protect them from pressure and pressure.

Rabbit yoga pose(sasangasana) can be a complete flexion of the neck pose, and have to now not be practiced by yogis with neck, spinal, shoulder, or hip troubles, and ought to now not be practiced by way of yogis advised towards inversions.

Follow Up Poses:

Rabbit Pose Benefits:

Many blessings derived from the exercise of rabbit poses. under we listing 10 such Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) advantages:

Rabbit Pose Benefits
  • flexes the backbone.
  • will increase frame cognizance with respiration.
  • as rabbit pose is an ahead bend pose, it calms the mind and relieves tensions around the neck.
  • turns on the thyroid glands, preserving the hormones on top of things.
  • relieves the pressure bringing clean blood supply to the crown of the top.
  • turns on the digestive gadget.
  • maintains the face muscles younger and clean, reducing stretches.
  • stretches the fingers and the shoulders, giving energy.
  • reduces lower returned stiffness.
  • Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) is a splendid posture to practice through the quiet of the day to set off right sleep.

After being in Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana), you may right now experience the tension in your neck, shoulders, and returned dissipate.

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Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) additionally feeds the fearful machine with fresh blood and oxygen. It rejuvenates thyroid and parathyroid glands, balancing and regulating your body’s metabolism and calcium. Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana) aids in digestion and alleviates cold and sinus signs and symptoms.

Emotionally, it enables despair and insomnia. Beginning the again of the coronary heart chakra, Rabbit yoga pose (sasangasana) allows you release the tendency of taking the responsibility for other human beings’ problems.


Keep in thoughts the following such precautions while practicing Rabbit Yoga Pose (sasangasana), no matter being an easy amateur level pose.

  • neck, shoulder, hands, returned damage
  • spondylitis and vertigo
  • high blood pressure
  • being pregnant
  • depression
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  • you shouldn’t be feeling an excessive amount of pressure on your head here, however, in case you do, attempt grabbing decrease to your feet.
  • Additionally, draw your shoulders far from your ears and make the proper changes so that the crown of the top is on the ground, now not the returned of the top. we don’t need you to injure your neck.
  • If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners
  • A variant is in preference to holding onto your heels, place your palms collectively behind your back, and as you lower your head down, reach your arms towards the sky.


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