Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) Instructions

Step by Step Chair Pose(Utkatasana) Instructions
Step by Step Chair Pose(Utkatasana) Instructions

Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose )is a status yoga pose that tones the complete frame, especially the thighs. Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) is likewise sometimes called “awkward chair pose,” “thunderbolt pose,” or “effective pose.”

Its Sanskrit name comes from the phrases “utkata” (meaning “powerful”) and “asana” (meaning “pose”). It may be a fierce pose for your thighs and it receives your heart pumping quickly.

Step by Step Chair Pose(Utkatasana) Instructions

Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) is an important issue of solar salutations and is regularly used as a transitional pose. It is able to additionally be practiced on its very own to build strength and stamina at some stage in the complete frame.

How to do Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) Step By Step Instruction:

    mountain pose (tadasana). Stand with your feet together, with your large toes touching. Novices can stand with their toes hip-distance aside.
  • Inhale and lift your hands above your head, perpendicular to the ground.
  • Exhale as you bend your knees, bringing your thighs as parallel to the floor as they could get. Your knees will project out barely over your toes and your torso will shape approximately a proper perspective over your thighs.
  • Draw your shoulder blades into your upper lower back ribs as you attain your elbows lower back closer to your ears. Do now not puff your ribcage(It is the structure of ribs in your chest) ahead. Draw your tailbone right down to the ground, retaining your decrease lower back lengthy.
  • Convey your hips down even decrease and lift your heart. There will be a slight bend in your top back.
  • Shift your weight into your heels. Enough weight about eighty percentage have to be transferred to your heels so you may want to lift your toes off the mat if you wanted to.
  • Hold your breath smooth, even, and deep. In case your breath turns into shallow or strained, back off a bit in the pose till breathing will become easier.
  • Unfold your shoulder blades apart. Spin your pinky arms toward each other so your arms face each different, rotating your arms outward through your thumbs.
  • Gaze without delay forward. For a deeper pose, tilt your head barely and stare at a point among your arms.
  • Hold for up to one minute. Then, inhale as you straighten your legs, lifting through your hands. Exhale and release returned to tadasana.

    The ones practicing solar salutations should circulate at once from Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) into standing forward fold (uttanasana).
Step by Step standing forward fold (uttanasana) Instructions

General information about Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) :

Name: Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose )
Description: Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) additionally stretches the shoulders and opens the chest. It tones your digestive organs and coronary heart.
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  • Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) strengthens the thighs and ankles, at the same time as firming the shoulders, butt, hips and decrease returned. It stretches the Achilles tendons and shins and is thought to be healing for flat feet.
  • Preserving Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) for several breaths will increase the coronary heart charge, stimulating the circulatory and metabolic structures. It builds some of the warmth within the frame, and fast.
  • Education Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) builds endurance and stamina while firming the frightened device. As part of the sun salutation collection, it is frequently practiced regularly for the duration of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and strength yoga instructions.

Modification and variation:

Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) may be a super full-frame strengthener while practiced efficiently. It is able to make an effort to accumulate sufficient strength to hold the pose for extra than a breath or two.

Modifications or variations of Chair Pose(Utkatasana)

Take it slowly and be cautious not to over-strain your knees or shoulders. To deepen or lighten the pose, attempt those easy modifications to discover a variation that works excellent for you:

  • In case you’re having trouble balancing, stand along with your feet hip-distance aside. Work towards standing along with your ft collectively and thighs firmly urgent every other.
  • Girls who are pregnant should stand with their feet as far aside as important for stability.
  • When you have extra shoulder flexibility, press your fingers together overhead.
  • If your fingers are not but strong enough to hold an overhead preserve, expand your palms forward at shoulder-peak as a substitute.

    Attain directly forward thru your fingertips. Practice this manner until you could straighten each finger and expand them overhead.
  • When you have shoulder ache in this pose, bring your fingers collectively in prayer role, resting your thumbs on your sternum. Press firmly throughout your fingers and expand throughout your collar bones.
  • It could be hard to convey weight into the heels at the start. To help examine this weight distribution, exercise the pose near a wall.

    Stand along with your lower back some inches far away from the wall. As you bend into the pose, your tailbone has to be handiest barely supported with the aid of the wall.
  • For a deeper undertaking, carry onto the balls of your feet with your knees bent. Increase your fingers simple and take a seat your butt even lower in the direction of your heels.
  • To boom your thigh energy and body cognizance inside the pose, squeeze a yoga block between your upper thighs.


Do now not practice Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) in case you are currently experiencing headaches, low blood strain, or insomnia.

Continually paintings within your personal variety of limits and abilities. When you have any clinical worries, speak along with your health practitioner earlier than working towards yoga.

Chair Pose(Utkatasana)


Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ) can build a whole lot of electricity and stamina throughout the body whilst it’s accomplished with accurate alignment. Hold the following data in mind when training Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Chair Pose ):

  • Keep a moderate arch to your lower back.
  • Squeeze your thighs as near collectively as feasible.
  • Deliver your thighs as parallel to the ground as feasible.
  • Draw your chest lower back and up, in place of accomplishing your torso forward.
  • Preserve your weight on your heels. Transferring the load ahead can over-pressure your knees and fatigue you speedy.
  • Remember to breathe easily and lightly during the pose. Your coronary heart rate will boom, but if your breath turns into strained, ease up until you can breathe deeply once more.


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