Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) Instruction

Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is a posture determined in nearly any yoga exercise in some unspecified time in the future or every other. It’s miles sometimes called decent pose clean seat/pose or nice pose or sometimes pleasent pose.

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Sukhasana (Hip Opening Yoga Poses)

Irrespective of what you call it, Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is an extraordinary alternative to half or complete lotus pose and is an awesome place to rest for respiratory sporting events, goal placing, and meditation.
Lotus Yoga Pose
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Easy Yoga Pose has a whole inner existence that you’ll find out with practice. A well-aligned Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) creates the situations for an at ease yet alert state in each the frame and thoughts.

Perhaps Sukhasana is able to do everything. And yet, let’s once again go through the stages of its adoption:

How to Do Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) Step by Step Instruction:

1. Sit on the rug, stretching your legs forward.

2. Bend one leg in the knee and press the heel of the bent leg under the thigh of the other leg.

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3. Do the same with the other foot. The shins are crossed. Do not strain your toes.

4. Relax your legs so that your knees sink to the floor as far as it is natural (under the weight of your legs).

5. Fingers of both hands fold in Gyan- (Jnana) or Chin-mudra. Put your palms on your knees but do not press your hands on your knees especially.

6. Semi-bent elbows should take a comfortable position do not strain your hands. The hands cannot be straight at the elbows.

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7. Check that the head, neck, and back are on the same line.

8. Close your eyes.

9. Relax the whole body especially the hands and face.

10. Concentrate on a stable comfortable position of the body and equalize the pressure of body weight on the right and left buttocks.

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11. If you do everything right after a couple of minutes you will feel pleasant ease and “emptiness” in the body.

12. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes or as long as necessary for accompanying practices.

Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is an ideal position in which you can work on negative emotions.

General information about Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose):

Name: Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose)
Description: Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is really a “simple” pose. But it effectively calms the mind, contributes to the attainment of meditative states even by itself without additional techniques.

May It Do In Office?

On the Internet, many pictures of “Business Yoga” – when businessmen and women in office suits sit in this pose right in the office (sometimes – even on the tables). This is not just a joke or a symbol.
The fact is that this pose is really one of the best for the office – if you have a short break, it is extremely useful to sit in this asana in an empty office. In this case, you do not remember your suit.
And do not shock others if someone accidentally comes by. In addition, if you can not take off your shoes, this asana can do directly with the shoes.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

In the office or not in the office, but Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is very valuable in the first place for those who can not sit comfortably in Lotus and other similar poses. It allows you to stabilize the position of the body, to make it stationary – and this is a necessary condition for calming the mind.

As long as the body moves and breathing are active – it is considered that the point “Bindu” (“drop”) or the point of our attention, also moves along the body, sometimes quite unsettlingly and chaotically. If you sit still for a few minutes and more – the Bindu slows down, freezes – and the mind also stops.

It is during this period (from an instant to a few minutes) that something happens that is called “brain reset“, i.e. mental relaxation, rest. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of such a “mental pause” for busy people or for those experiencing chronic stress. (And such, in our days, almost everything,

Sukhasana As a Comfortable Pose:

If even this comfortable posture is difficult – if the person is absolutely inflexible! – you can use a special “Belt for Meditation” which is tied to the knees and lower back. It is also used in Buddhist meditation, and it is quite possible to get such a strap today.

For comfort it’s better to put something soft, moderately elastic, under the buttocks – the more you put, the longer it will be possible to sit comfortably. Doing this posture on a solid surface is not convincingly recommended, it is not useful.

The best litter can be, for example, folded several times woolen plaid or folded twice, three times a yoga mat. In addition, under the buttocks, you can put a roller, pillow or even yogic brick (block). If the buttocks are above the knees, sitting in Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) is much more convenient.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) As an Effective Pose:

Strengthen the action of asana can be, by observing your natural breathing so we turn this passively soothing pose into an active and effective meditation.

And do not confuse by the simplicity of this pose – it is very effective. If the mind is calm, all the physiological processes in the body go better – therefore this asana is not devoid of and useful for health action.


It may knee injury in this don’t be smart if you have no idea then concern with a yoga teacher.

Benefits of Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose):

  • Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) calms mind or brain. when you do this pose of yoga you feel calm of mind and feels relaxation.
  • If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners
  • When you do yoga with this type of pose you have a capability to sit down for a long time and you feel the strength of your we can say that it strengths your back.
  • Sukhasana Yoga Pose (Easy Pose) helps to you stretches your muscles of ankles and knee.


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