Yoga to Reduce Thighs and Stomach


Most of those exercises and asanas that are used in yoga to reduce thighs and stomach. Because yoga is the science of ancient Indian culture, which includes spiritual, psychological and physical practices aimed at recreating harmony between spirit and body.

Over the past 10 years, it has been found that some asanas help keep the physical form normal.
Yoga to Reduce Thighs and Stomach

Even thin people cannot boast of a perfect body, especially women. Fat cells like to settle on the bottom of a once thin waist, and under no circumstances from there do not go.

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This greatly damages the figure, prevents you from wearing a beautiful wardrobe and relaxing in the photo. Help pump up the bottom and top of the press, to make a beautiful silhouette can be an effective set of exercises – yoga to reduce thighs and stomach for training at home.

Does yoga help you lose weight and remove your stomach?

Special asanas – poses performed at home or in the room, contribute to the rapid burning of fat in the abdomen, affect the heavy bottom and slimming the entire body of women.

Ancient practice focuses on sensations. A person is in a state of Shanti, that is, attains harmony and peace. Those who have been practicing for many years know all the pits – the fundamental principles that were formed over 2000 years ago and still remain relevant to this day.

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Most people try to comprehend yoga with asanas, and this is the third step and one must come to it through knowledge. For beginners, it is recommended to first understand the principles of the first two steps, and then move on to poses.

Asana complex for flat stomach

The muscles of the abdomen are best affected by the so-called inverted positions – that is, those in which the head is below the legs. The maximum effect brings the stand on the head or on the hands upside down. However, to perform such complex asanas, you need years of training, strong hands and a good vestibular apparatus. An easier version of the inverted posture is the asana candle.

Salamba sarvansana (candle position)

  • Put a folded blanket on the floor. Lie down on it and push the chair to your chair so that the palms of arms stretched above your head are under his seat. The head and two-thirds of the neck should lie on the floor behind the blanket.
  • Bend your knees and pull to your chest.
  • Then straighten your legs and lift them up, supporting your buttocks with your hands.
  • Tear your back from the ground, helping yourself with your hands, and lower your legs behind your head, leaning your toes on the seat of the chair. The spine should be completely straightened.
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  • Lock the position and stay in the asana for 3 minutes.
  • Straighten your legs up and firmly lock the position. You should stand on your shoulders and forearms, supporting your back with your hands. Remain in the asana for 5 minutes. Then slowly lower your legs to the floor.
Candle position is more known in European gymnastics as a “birch”
. In addition to a whole range of beneficial effects, it brings relief to internal organs in the abdominal cavity.
Salamba sarvansana (candle position)

Digestion comes back to normal, which means that the body does not retain toxins, fat is not deferred, and cellulite does not appear. Regular execution of this asana eliminates even chronic pain caused by a stomach ulcer or gastritis.

A great benefit for the burning of excess fat in the abdomen is brought by twisted asanas, in which the stomach is exposed to great pressure and internal organs of the abdominal cavity are massaged. Turns of the trunk are such asanas.


  • Stand up straight, legs slightly apart.
  • Straighten your knees, straining your muscles and pulling your knee cups up.
  • On the inhalation, raise your arms straight up.
  • Bend your hands and grasp your elbows.
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  • Lower the straight trunk down.
  • Pull down and try to touch your forehead with your knees.
  • Be in this position for 3 minutes, keeping your knees straight and lowering your head and elbows as low as possible.

Asana stretches the muscles of the back and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Thus all the organs of the abdominal cavity are calmed and rejuvenated. Regular execution uttanasana burns fat in the abdomen and makes the figure proportional.

Asana complex for flat stomach (continuation):

Janu Shirshasana:
Janu Shirshasana
  • Sit on the folded blanket. Straighten your left leg. The right leg is bent at the knee, and your foot is pressed to the groin.
  • On the inhalation, raise your hands up, on the exhalation lean and grab for the left foot.
  • Keeping your foot straight, try to touch your forehead with your forehead. If you can not reach out to the foot, use the strap: slide the strap half fold behind the foot and hold on to its edges.
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  • Lock the position and stay in the asana for about a minute, and then repeat the exercise, bending over to the right foot.

This asana stimulates the liver and spleen, which makes our digestion better. During the exercise, the muscles of the abdomen and lower back are strengthened. Straightening back, we swing the press and remove the fat folds.

Strangely enough, asanas or traditional physical exercises, with which you can swing the press, will not make the abdomen flat by themselves. If you do not drive off excess weight with the help of inverted and twisted asanas, the coveted press cubes will remain invisible under the fat layer.

However, in the complex for a flat stomach, the whole sequence of exercises is important, and the asanas on the press are of decisive final importance for the achievement of the goal.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana:

  • Lie on your back, straighten your legs. Hands raise above your head and strongly press the outer side of the palms to the floor
  • On the inhalation, lift straight legs 15 degrees from the floor and fix the position for 5 free breaths and exhalations. Put your feet on the floor. When you exhale, the stomach should be as much as possible drawn. Inhalation and exhalation should be smooth, without delaying breathing. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.
  • On the inhalation, lift straight legs 60 degrees from the floor and gradually lower them, making several breaths and exhalations at each height.
    If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

    Try to keep the last level in 5 centimeters from the floor – in this position the abdominal muscles work as effectively as possible. Fix this position for 5-7 breaths and breaths. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Performing this asana, it is very important to follow not only the even breathing and straight legs, but also to press the loin to the floor. If you tear your lower back, then not only reduce the effectiveness of the asana but also risk damaging the lumbar spine.

Navasana (pose of the rook):
Navasana (pose of the rook)
  • Sit on the floor, keep your legs straight together. Straighten your shoulders, straighten your back, hands down along the body, touch the palms of the floor.
  • On exhalation, slightly tilt your body forward, bend your knees slightly from the floor. Then try to straighten your legs, supporting the back of your thighs with your hands.
  • If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners
  • Lock the position and stay in the asana 5-8 breaths and breaths. Lower your legs and after a short rest, repeat the exercise. Perform the asana 5 times.
  • Take the same position as in the last stage, only now weave the arms behind the head and necessarily straighten the legs. Your body should form the Latin letter V. The feet should be above your head. Keep your back straight, chest prostrate forward.
  • Lock the position and stay in the asana 5-8 breaths and then exhale, relax the muscles and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Performing this asana, you not only swing the press but also improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. A lot of physical activity burns fat in the waist area. However, be careful and do not overdo it – in Navasana it’s easy to pull your back if you overestimate your abilities.

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

Why the stomach stretches, reasons?

There are some sources of stretching of this digestive organ, some of them have a connection with some diseases.

But very often these are the reasons of the alimentary nature (alimentary – that means caused by irregular and inadequate nutrition):

  • systematic overeating
  • Unsystematic meals or single meals with maximum doses of food (once a day)
  • drinking excessive amounts of fluid during meals
  • food in the case when there was no feeling of appetite or hunger.

Stretching of the stomach is also caused by a prolonged presence in it of food: the more food we eat, the more time it is in the stomach.

And all this time the stomach will be in an enlarged state.

Therefore, you can use the color of dishes that reduces appetite and you cannot overeat.

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And the time of finding food in the stomach is due to its structure and the size of its particles. Poorly chewed food in the stomach stays longer than the puree or liquid.

6 very simple exercises that will help to quickly reduce the volume of the hips:

Knees to the chest:
To rest and lose weight at the same time is possible

At first glance at the image of the asana, one may get the impression that the person in the photo is not engaged in sports, but is resting. But this is not so. Approximately after 40 seconds of holding such a simple asana begins to feel a very intense traction of the front surface of the thighs. This asanu can be kept for up to five minutes.

A suitable recommendation: staying in a pose for the duration of your favorite song. The toes do not have to be loose, they should be pointed at yourself. This exercise also helps to correct posture and instant relaxation.

Lunge forward with both straight legs:
Very effective and simple asana for slender legs

In this asana, work is on the hip as being in front, and at the back of the foot. It is necessary to make the broadest step with one foot forward.

Then you need to bend the knee of the leg that made the lunge, so that the angle with the floor should be about 90 degrees (do not allow too narrow a corner in the knee, ideal – almost flat or even slightly blunt).

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The leg at the back stands on tiptoes (on tiptoes), and is completely straightened (if the knee is attached, the job will only have to the hamstrings of the foreleg).

Pose of the warrior number 3:
Asana “warrior III”

It is necessary to bend forward so that the torso is parallel to the floor. Hands in a complex version of the asana should be pulled forward.

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But newcomers will have a fairly lightweight option: with his palms, you need to rest on the thigh of the supporting leg, which relieves the load from the top of the trunk. In this asana, the work on the muscles of the thighs is very high. Exercise also helps relieve pain in the back or lower back.

The inclination of sitting to one straight leg (janu shirshasana):
Janu shirshasana

In this asana, a huge load falls on the back of the thigh of a straight leg. Sitting on the floor, you need to bend one leg and rest your heel as close to the groin as possible. The second leg remains straight – to it and will be inclined.

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Hands can lie on the floor on either side of a straight leg or hold on to her foot. An indispensable touch of the head of the knee is not the task of the asana: even with a slight inclination forward, there will be a noticeably intense stretching of the hip of the straight leg.

Pose of stupa:

If you look at the photo of performing asana, it may seem that in this pose there is nothing difficult. But after 10 seconds of correct performance, the tremendous work of the muscles of the thighs will be noticeable to the practitioner.

This asana should be performed before very much fatigue in the legs: waiting for the limit of possibilities. Each subsequent second of the hold, held in the asana after the moment when it was intolerably wanted to get out of it, will bring one day closer to buying smaller trousers.

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At the onset of fatigue, the hands can be placed on the hips. The lower the drop in the “stupa”, the sooner the hip will decrease, and the legs will acquire a tight, sporty appearance.

Tilt to a straight leg with one knee on the floor

It is necessary to kneel, then one leg to bring forward put her heel on the floor, fingers begin to pull on themselves. The back in the asana should remain flat, so the palms can rest on the floor with the tips of all five fingers (“little houses” of the fingers).

If you are new or beginners in the field of Yoga you should just start with beginning to follow the yoga poses for beginners

In the image to the left – wrong performance of asana (with a round back), on the right – the right one. In this asana load on the back of the thigh is the maximum, so it is very important not to be afraid of the sensation of the intensity of the muscle.

The mind is easy enough to distract. You can breathe by breathing in 4 counts, exhaling – at 5. Since the human brain can not perform two tasks simultaneously (count and fear), it’s easy to deceive.

Both men and women dream to look good. These 7 simple exercises from yoga will help even in 40 years to feel themselves at 25.


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